About Me

Hi there and welcome to my piano website!

I’m a London-based teacher, freelance composer and broadcaster with 25 years experience tutoring pupils from beginner through to post grade 8.

I’ve been playing piano since the age of 8, obtaining my degrees in music from Kings College London and Trinity College of Music whilst receiving piano tuition at the Royal Academy of Music. I specialise in both Classical and Jazz piano whilst also offering tutoring in music theory, composition, arrangement and aural training.

As a composer I work across a range of disciplines and media. I perform regularly and have had works performed both nationally and internationally. You can find more details on my composer website.

Teaching-wise I have worked both in-school and privately and from one-to-one up to whole class groups. I believe my experience enables me to offer specialised yet highly flexible tuition across a range of styles. I am passionate that students attain their goals and find playing to be a fun and rewarding experience! 

In-Person Teaching

I offer in-person teaching from my studio based in Stoke Newington, N16

Online Teaching

Alongside in-person teaching, I continue to offer online lessons for students who may be based further away or who simply prefer the convenience of taking lessons from home.

Carefully delivered online lessons are every bit as stimulating and rewarding as in-person lessons and also offer a variety of other benefits such as the ability for students to record lessons for future reference, and to share music and other resources that can assist the learning process.

I am happy to offer lessons across a variety of platforms including Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. If you are interested or would simply like some further information please feel free to contact me to discuss.


Which subjects do you teach?
I specialise in classical and jazz piano whilst also teaching rock and pop styles. I also teach music theory, arranging and composition alongside general musicianship and aural training. I believe in an individualised approach to teaching based on each student’s interests and abilities.

What are your qualifications?
I have a First Class Honours degree from Kings College London (2002). I subsequently obtained a Masters Degree from Trinity College of Music, London in 2004.

What kind of students do you teach?
I teach a wide range of students, some of whom are pursuing classical piano whilst others are improvising in jazz or rock styles or playing rock and pop songs. I am always happy for pupils to try the music they wish to be able to play, and can always make suggestions along these lines.

Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?
Where pupils or parents wish to pursue exams I can offer coaching for ABRSM Classical (Practical and Performance Grades) and Jazz, Trinity Guildhall and RockSchool exam boards. I also offer tutoring for ABRSM and Trinity Theory of Music exams up to Grade 8.

Which ages and levels do you teach?
All ages are welcome, though I recommend a minimum age of 5.

How long and how often are lessons?
For children I recommend a weekly lesson of 30 minutes. For adults I am happy to offer lessons for 30, 45 or 60 minutes on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

What kind of instrument will I need?
I recommend either an acoustic (upright/grand) or digital piano as essential for supporting development of playing and technique.

What piano do you teach on?
I teach on a Yamaha U1 in excellent condition. Lessons take place in a dedicated piano tutoring room in my house.

How much do you charge?
My rates are currently £40 per hour and £20 per half hour. Other lesson lengths are also possible.

How does payment work?
I accept payment via online transfer either weekly or on a half-termly basis.

Where do you teach?
I teach from my home in Stoke Newington, N16 – I’m just up from Church Street and Stoke Newington station.

When are you available?
I currently teach Mondays-Thursdays from 12pm through to around 9pm.

Do you teach during the school holidays?
Generally I do not teach younger students during the school holidays though lessons can be arranged at these times on request.

Do you offer online tutoring?
Yes, I am happy to offer lessons via the main videoconferencing platforms.

Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Certificate?
Yes, most recently renewed in 2022. A copy can be provided upon request.

Do you belong to any professional organisations?
Yes, I am a member of ISM.

Finally, do you have a personal message for students?
Playing piano is an immensely rewarding and enjoyable pastime that repays the work put into it. It is never to late to learn and whilst there is no end to the process it is possible to derive pleasure playing from the very earliest stages!


9 reviews on
Marcello Snaporaz
Marcello Snaporaz
I can’t recommend Luke Fraser enough. A brilliant musician and teacher, he has a natural knack for instilling musical confidence, explaining complexity with ease and inspiring kids to practice daily without any pressure. If “artist” and “teacher” were archetypes, Luke would embody them both. Strongly recommended, a wonderful person.
Hers Private
Hers Private
I felt very lucky to stumble upon Luke's piano lessons. He is a thoroughly professional and very creative teacher. I have learnt alot through my online lessons with him and have had no issues at all.
Fiona McClune
Fiona McClune
Luke is a fantastic teacher. So kind and patient with our 9 year old. I know he is both an incredible teacher to gifted children and …not so gifted children- but has definitely helped our daughter to take her piano playing to the next level as well as vastly increase her understanding of music theory. I would highly recommend Luke.
Maria Oikonomou
Maria Oikonomou
Luke was an excellent teacher that made me pick up piano quickly and effectively. He always found creative ways to teach me and he was always very patient and very flexible with my working hours. He made me love piano and I would highly recommend him!!
Luke is an excellent piano teacher. When I started with lessons I had no knowledge of music theory and no experience playing an instrument, and the way he presented both things to me made it very understandable and doable, which helped me build my knowledge and skills from the ground up. He is incredibly patient and has constantly adjusted to my pace of learning, going over stuff as many times as needed and making things very bite-sized for my skill level. He is always keen to answer all the random and ridiculous questions I throw at him, either complex or very basic, which makes it encouraging to just ask away. As someone who is learning to play the piano just for fun, I have been constantly motivated by Luke to push forward, discover new music and concepts, and I've been having great fun along the way, which is what keeps me at it. I really appreciate Luke's encouragement as well as the relaxed, engaging atmosphere that he achieves with his teaching.
Francesca Manfrin
Francesca Manfrin
Luke has been a wonderful teacher to our daughter, really nurturing her confidence and self-belief. He's been endlessly patient, attentive and has given her structure and the framework for her to feel like that if she put the work in, she could achieve results in her playing. His lessons are well structured and challenging yet light-hearted; he really understands and values the importance of enjoying the process and the music. Luke has a wonderful sense of humour and he's the official winner of leaving Zoom lessons/calls first, despite my daughter's best efforts during the pandemic, a challenge she found endlessly entertaining!
Luke is an excellent piano teacher, he has visited our house since my children were in primary school and has continued to do so till A levels and Uni. My children are very different, one wanted to play movie soundtracks and the other progress through the ABRSM grades. Luke recognised both their needs and was able to tailor his lessons accordingly, as such they both progressed to a high standard on their own terms. In recent months due to lockdown Luke lessons have been on-line and I am pleased to report that they are going well. Lukes a great teacher and we thoroughly recommend him.
Luke has proved to be an excellent piano teacher. He is instinctive, precise and creative and works towards keeping interest while challenging the pupil. He has been teaching my 16 year old daughter for several years and she would highly recommend him.
Joe White
Joe White
Luke is a fantastic piano and music theory teacher. His enthusiasm and passion for music are infectious. He plans lessons with my individual aims in mind and explains (sometimes complicated) musical ideas with imagination and clarity. He is highly qualified, thoroughly skilled and I would recommend his services to beginners and professionals alike. Just make sure you book a lesson with him before another lucky pupil gets there!


    • Payment can be made via online transfer on either a per-lesson or half termly basis. I usually invoice 3 weeks into the start of each half term.
    • In accordance with union guidelines my cancellation policy is as follows:
    • Cancellations a week or more in advance: no charge
    • Cancellations between a week and the day before the next lesson: 50% charge
    • Cancellations on the day: full lesson charge
    • Where possible I will try to rearrange lessons if there is a problem with a particular week, however I am often fully booked and cannot guarantee to find a feasible alternative slot.
    • I am keen to avoid using written contracts as many private music teachers do and consider arrangements for lessons on a week-by-week basis as a verbal agreement based on goodwill.